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This project was designed to be a real world application for the material from the course Database Management Systems at Alabama. This course, CS 300, consists of ...

Basic Idea

This application automates the process from shoopping to delivering at grocery stores. There are 3 main user types: buyers, deliverers, and managers. Buyers have the ability to search different grocery stores, find items, then purchase items. Deliverers have assigned orders including items, address, and other important information from the buyer. They are to complete each assignment and update the database. Lastly, managers are connected to a store where they can view its inventory, orders, and the revenue report.


The back-end for this software is programmed using SQL along with tools including Windows SQL Server and phpMyAdmin for testing. View the create table file here.

EER Diagram

Table Attributes
Address id house_number street city state zip_code
Buyer username phone address_id default_payment default_store_id
deliveredBy order_id deliverer_username is_delivered delivery_time delivery_date
GroceryStore store_id store_name address_id opening_time closing_time phone
Item item_id item_name food_group exp_date quantity listed_price wholesale_price description
orderedBy order_id buyer_username
orderFrom store_address_id order_id
Orderr order_id delivery_instructions delivery_time order_palced_date order_placed_time
Payments username payment_name account_number routing_number
manages username store_address
selectItem item_id quantity order_id
soldAt item_id store_id
Userr username password user_type email first_name last_name
SystemInformation system_id user_codes


The front-end code for this application is programmed using C#

User Login Cart Find Item Receipt


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